Interior Decorator Package

For those who prefer to work with Brittany in person


Is the Interior Decorator Package right for me?

  • I have seen Home Decor by Brittany’s design and style and level of detail and want to have that as well.

  • I am not interested in managing my design project; I prefer to trust the process with Home Decor by Brittany.

  • I am a busy professional and want a beautiful home but do not have the time to design or manage a project. I just want it done. 

  • I would like to have a beautiful and functional home to LIVE in.

If you answered “yes” at least three of the questions above, the Interior Decorator Package is a great fit for you!

Wide range of design services for local clients including consultations and packaged price services. If you like attention to detail and style of design, this package is for you. I will take care of every detail, from initial consult to final installation. Approachable and stress-free interior decorating is possible with the Interior Decorator Package. Let Home Decor by Brittany design your project to completion, take care of all the details and give you your own real life “HGTV” moment!

Please remember that each project is unique, and purchased items can vary greatly depending on your needs and the size of the room. I love to work with existing pieces and often do, so if you have something you want to keep and focus around for inspiration, let me know!

E-Design Package

Do It Yourself


  • I am not crazy about the details; I just want my space done.

  • I do not have a design bone in my body, and I need help.

  • I am not great at making decisions and prefer someone to tell me what to do and what to buy. 

  • I have time to shop and source furnishings and decor on my own.

  • I love Home Decor by Brittany’s style; I just need a plan to follow on my own.

Is the E-Design Package right for me?

If you answered “yes” at least three of the questions above, the E-design is a great fit for you!

With the E-Design Package you will complete a style questionnaire to help Home Decor By Brittany understand your needs, visions and goals.  We will work with you virtually by phone/email/face-time to help curate your space.